What is Tax Sixty?

Tax Sixty is a self-paced program designed to give you what you need to establish a successful Virtual Tax Prepartion and Bookkeeping Business from start to finish. Our program will help you establish your business in sixty days or less. It is perfect for the tax professional or bookeeper who wants to solidfy their business and scale. I'm teaching you all the tools I use to service my clients efficiently and effectively 12 months out of the year!

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What's Included in the Tax Sixty Program?

  • How to Set up your Business
  • How to File Like A Pro to get your Clients the best outcome
  • How to determine Deductions and Tax Credits
  • How to Establish your Clients financial structure using quick books
  • Understanding your clients financial information using accounting methods
  • How to properly complete a 1040 Return and Schedule C Form 

As a Bonus, You will Receive:

  • A Resource List of Softwares you can use to run a better buisness.
  • A 30 Day Social Media Planner Download to help you market your accounting and bookeeping business
  • Access to Group Coaching for 6 weeks

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When you Know Better, You Perform Better!

Your Business Should Not Only be Successful during Tax Time.

The best part about being in the Accounting and Tax Industry is being able to help your client's with their business all year round. How can you do this? By offering monthly bookkeeping services to keep their finances on track so your clients are prepared to share their financial records for loans, grants and whatever else they need at the drop of a dime. 
By the End of this Program, You will possess the knowledge, resources, and skills to help you run, maintain and scale your Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping Business 
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Breanna Goodwin

Joining JSM Academy was the greatest investment  for myself. I enrolled in the Tax Prep and Bookkeeping course. Before joining the academy I was clueless on what proper steps it took to start my business and how I would gain clients. JSM Academy made it so simple for me by providing all the necessary steps and important information needed to start my business. The coursework, which is at your own pace, was very informative and detailed, and very knowledgeable as well. Examples/scenarios were always provided. There was always opportunity for answering questions, concerns, opinions, or comments. The social media/marketing was my weakness at first because I never post on social media, but I learned that if you don’t post about your business, no one’s going to know about your business. I had to learn that you have to stay consistent with posting and that’s how I gain clients. The group coaching was phenomenal. It kept me motivated and it also provided me with several accountability partners, which made it so much easier. My business is now up and running and I still yet to this day look forward to coaching sessions. My fellow colleagues and I are literally like family now. We celebrate each other’s success like it’s our own! This was the greatest investment I made for my business.

Ceci Garcia

"definitely recommend JSM, hands down the best Tax Academy ever!! Jessica is one of those rare business owners/instructors you don’t come across very often. She is available for any questions, concerns or anything at all, she answers you personally and not by a middle man so you get a straightforward response every time. I hesitated on signing up for a while since I had a bad experience with another tax course I had signed up for. I joined a live webinar of hers and saw how she interacted with everyone and answered every single question she was asked. That was it for me, I signed up right after her webinar and have not regretted it!"

Shadesz Seay

"I want to start by saying me finding this course was heaven sent! This was my second year doing taxes and I didn’t even realize how much I didn’t know until I took this course. All I can say is Wow!! This course teaches you so much more than just tax preparation. JSM Tax academy teaches you everything you need to know to get your business up and running; and the instructor Jessica is an anointed genius!!! I can’t say enough about this course but the gems taught to us are worth so much more than the price we paid to take the program. Thank you so much JSM Tax Academy the knowledge I’ve gained have set me up for life!!!"

James Blount

A year ago, I aspired to leave my 9-5 corporate job and start my own accounting and tax practice. I came across an ad on Facebook for the JSM Business Academy and I decided to join. It was a great investment. Jessi’s program taught me how to set attainable goals for myself. With her guidance, I was able create a strong business plan to market and operate my business. I loved being part of the JSM community, it pushed me to be a better version of myself. Today I am self-employed and was able to leave my corporate job. Thank you for all your help and support.

Nana Darfoor

Just wanted send a thank you message for pushing me through the process. I’m on a 3 month vacation through Africa and I could still book client calls. I’ve been in the US for 20yrs and this is the first time going back. Corporate never made it able for me to take any long vacation -it mostly had to be during paternity leave, or lying to get FMLA, or submit a vacation request for approval (post covid)...this whole process has made  “being your own boss” a reality for me ..and this doesn’t end here.

I have helped professionals just like you attract the clients they want to scale their business and I can't wait to help you!

Hi, I’m Jessi Nicolet, Accountant, and owner of a successful Virtual Accounting and Tax Preparation Firm, JSM Financial Services. I have over 10 years of experience, with a degree in Accounting. JSM Business Academy was created because I want people to know that they have options, and can live the life they desire with just a little hard work. I have put all of my education, experience, and everything I have learned over the years in one place, to provide a blue print for budding entrepreneurs.

This Could Be You!

Our students come from different backgrounds and have so many different goals. Check out Jasmine's story to learn more about how Tax Sixty helped her leave her job!